Specialised Sadler and Starlight Yacht Sales and Services


We offer:

  • Specialised National & International Sadler and Starlight yacht brokerage. We do however, now take on various other types of boats onto our books, but remain the NO. 1 for Sadlers and Starlights!
  • Equipment supply for all your Sadler and Starlight requirements
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the whole Sadler and Starlight yacht range, with original build experience and
        repairs expertise over the past 20 years
  • Repairs and refurbishment in Dartmouth/Totnes for Sadler and Starlight speciality & most other production yachts.
  • Our experienced and expert team based in Dartmouth/Totnes are on-hand to carry out ALL your repairs and refurbishment requirements for ALL types of boat – call to discuss further.

If buying a boat, you are well advised to consult Mike Lucas Yachting as regards what is currently available on the market. A comprehensive service is also available to give assistance in procuring a boat bought privately, or even through another broker.

If selling a boat, there is no doubt that Mike Lucas Yachting will understand your craft and project it to the market to good effect. The right selling price can generally be judged to within 5% at the outset, for boats built 1986 and later. With earlier build boats, price tends to be more dependent upon inventory and condition, but a reasonable judgement can generally be made. NO SALE, NO FEE!