Sell My Boat

Sell Your Boat

We can present your boat to the market in a knowledgeable style and guarantee - NO SALE, NO FEE.

We ask the vendor to:
  • discuss boat detail and agree selling price
  • email to us interior + exterior photos of the boat
  • complete our Inventory Detail document
  • complete Listing Agreement and Declaration of Ownership
  • agree viewing arrangements

Leave the rest to us:
  • we advertise and deal with the admin
  • we know the boats and have the contacts
  • we match the buyer to the boat

Our commission rates (% on offer price + vat):

Boat value Lying our Sales Area, Baltic Wharf Lying elsewhere
above £30,000 5% 6%
£20,000 to £30,000 5% 7%
below £20,000 6% 8%

We also offer a 1% advisory service to buyers and vendors who are handling the sale and purchase of a boat privately. We will advise on the legal formalities and even deal with the transfer of funds. For boats with a sale value below £30,000, the fee for this service is £300.

This is a secure and reliable way to sell your boat privately.